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Drug overdose deaths in Pennsylvania are significantly higher than the national average, and York County is at the epicenter of the increase. More Pennsylvanians die from drug overdose than from any other type of injury, including car accidents. Opioid abuse, often stemming from a prescription, is a gateway to other drugs, such as heroin. 

In York County 121 people died of heroin/fentanyl related overdose in York County in 2019. 

If it weren't for the fact that local police departments began carrying the life-saving drug Naloxone ( also known was Narcan ), that number would have been higher. 


 The York Chapter of Not One More will provide a FREE Naloxone kit to any who requests a kit! To receive a free kit, call or text 717.424.8890. Naloxone CAN save lives!!

Our Mission is to raise awareness and prevent drug abuse in the community through education and community partnerships.
Drug abuse is a dangerous slope. It may begin as a "recreational high" and before you realize it, you have developed an addiction. You don't know how you ended up in this situation and you may feel there is no way out.
Recovery is possible. It will not be an easy journey and it may take you several attempts until you can succeed. But always remember you are worth it and life will be so much better.
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Not One More - York has created a support group for families and friends with a loved one who is struggling with an addiction to opiates, whether active or in recovery, and those who have lost someone to addiction. 

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