Not One More is a grassroots effort to provide awareness, education and support to those affected by drug abuse and addiction. Our goals are to inspire our young people to stay drug-free and be a role model to the people around them; To shake loose the stigma that may keep parents from reaching out for help when this dark shadow hangs over their family; To know that they are not alone and do not have to deal with these things on their own; to place a loving, compassionate arm around our addicts and the people that love them, and to help raise them out of the dark and into a place of light, recovery and peace; To help fill the gap between what our state, county, cities and schools provide for services and what our community needs; And to work in conjunction with other government officials and other community-based organizations aimed at preventing, dealing with, and educating our community about the dangers of drugs in our cities and towns.


The York Chapter of Not One More plans to achieve these goals by providing parent education about the drugs that are in our community, how they are used and how they affect our children. We will aim to provide a 24/7 web-based resource center with information about drugs, recovery and where they can turn in a time of crisis. We will help families navigate the insurance, rehab and services maze that currently exists. We will provide support to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  We will participate in getting age appropriate drug education back into our schools at all levels. We will strive to provide programs and activities to help those in recovery maintain their sobriety.  We will be a resource to government leaders and agencies, the media, and social networking sites to accomplish these goals.