Not One More - York Chapter, a non-profit organization that educates families about the hazards of heroin and drug abuse, has created a new initiative, Randy's Wish; Scholarship Fund, to help those seeking recovery. 


Randy's Wish; was set up in memory of Randy Crone, III, a Paradise Township man who lost his battle to addiction in September of 2015. Randy wanted to help those who could not affort treatment find assistance to begin living a life in recovery, free of addiction. Orginally established by his family after his passing, the Fund has recently become a part of Not One More - York Chapter. 


The Fund will provide financial assistance to individuals seeking residence in a recovery/sober living house in York County, as well as for those who would like to begin receiving medication assisted treatment of Vivitrol. Not One More - York is contacting all pertinent agencies within York County to make applications for the Fund available to those who could benefit from receiving this assistance. 


For more information and to apply, click here


Randy Crone, III

July 20, 1993 - September 17, 2015


Randy was vibrant, caring, hardworking and athletic. He had a huge heart and was extremely personable, always the life of the party and making friends easily. He was also a loving son, brother, uncle, cousin, grandson, nephew and soulmate. Randy was looking forward to becoming a positive role model for his young nephew and to walking his sister down the aisle at her wedding. 


Randy's addiction began when he was introduced to heroin at a party when he was 21 years old. Once he tried it, he was hooked. While his addiction was short-lived, it was very powerful and all consuming. 


Heroin took over Randy's life very quicly and by the age of 22, he was crying out for help. He made a trip to Crisis Intervention in June 2015, but was turned away from treatment after being told there were not enough drugs in his system to warrant rehab. Randy was devastated and had no choice but to return to the drug to avoid being dope sick. 


Samantha, his sister, and his Aunt Sheila didn't give up. They made phone calls and were able to find a rehab in Florida that would accept his insurance and give Randy the opportunity for treatment. He was on a plane the next day. Randy did very well during his two-month stay. But he was also very disheartened after witnessing people being turned away or being made to leave rehab early because they didn't have insurance, or their insurance wouldn't cover their treatment any longer, or woudln't cover the cost at all. 


In August 2015, Randy returned home and expressed to his sister and aunt a desire to give back and help other addicts by assisting them financially with finding a path to recovery through rehab or other treatment options. He was so proud of his efforts at recovery, he wanted others to have the same opportunity.


Unfortunately, Randy never made it to see his wish come true. Heroin called him one last time and Randy answered. He lost his battle on September 17, 2015. 


In memory of Randy, his family are still fighiting in his memory. Randy's legacy will live on through Randy's Wish; by helping others receive treatment. 


Randy's Wish; - Scholarship Fund Application


Not One More - York Chapter provides scholarship funding to assist those seeking residency in a recovery/sober living house, as well as to those who are seeking to begin medication assisted treatment with Vivitrol. Financial assistance will be available onte time per year with a maximum amount of $150 per applicant. This payment can be applied towards the cost of entering a recovery/sober living house OR the cost of an office visit to receive the Vivitrol medication assisted treatment. 


Funding will be provided for housing located in York County only. Treatment providers may be outside of York County. All applicants must currently be residing in York County. All payments for financial assistance will be made directly to the business owner of the residentail facilities or to the treatment provider. No payments will be made directly to the applicant. 


Click here to review the Randy's Wish; Scholarship Fund application and for additional information and criteria. If you have any further questions regarding Randy’s Wish; Scholarship Fund, please feel free to contact Alyssa Rohrbaugh at (717) 424-8890. If you would like to make a donation to Randy's Wish; you may do so via check or using the donate form on this website. Please be sure to include "Randy's Wish" in the memo line.